Introducing Universal Hydroponics: A Revolutionary and Adaptable System for Plant Growth

The Future of Hydroponics - Versatile, Automated, and Applicable to Various Environments and Plant Crops


We are excited to present Universal Hydroponics (UH), a groundbreaking hydroponics system designed to be adaptable, modular, and suitable for a wide range of environments and plant crops. This innovative system addresses the need for a flexible hydroponics solution that can operate in various modalities (DWC, Ebb & Flow, NFT, Aero, etc.), making it an ideal choice for hobbyists, researchers, and commercial growers alike.

Key Features:

Automation and Intelligent Control: Universal Hydroponics leverages advanced microprocessors, sensors, actuators, and software to control crucial factors like nutrient & water flow, air flow, light temperature, and humidity. This intelligent automation ensures optimal growth conditions for your plants, regardless of the specific modality being used.

Adaptable and Modular Design: UH's specially designed planters, interconnected tubes, and flexible system components allow for seamless integration and customization, making it easy to adapt the system to suit various environments, plant crops, and growth requirements.

Wide Range of Applications: Universal Hydroponics is suitable for diverse environments, such as outer space, Mars, jungles, deserts, greenhouses, and even indoor settings. Its versatile nature eliminates the need for complex decision-making or capital investment in multiple systems.

Propagation Chamber (PC) for Seedling Optimization: Our system includes a state-of-the-art Propagation Chamber, designed to provide seedlings with optimal lighting, root zone conditions, and airflow. This ensures they start off strong and can reach their Full Genetic Potential (FGP), resulting in larger and healthier plants.

Challenges and Considerations:

One of the challenges we are currently exploring is the choice between a modified deep culture method and an aeroponic spray nozzle system for UH. While spray nozzles offer excellent oxygenation and root environment, they can require higher maintenance and add complexity to the system. Regardless of the final choice, the true value of Universal Hydroponics lies in its real-world applicability and versatility.


Universal Hydroponics represents the future of hydroponics, offering unparalleled flexibility, automation, and adaptability for a wide range of plant crops and environments. We are eager to continue refining and expanding our system to meet the diverse needs of growers around the world.

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