Truth Lover Meeting

Wednesday & Sunday, 9:00AM PST (4:00 PM UTC)



Hangout with like-minded friends from Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira, etc.
No agenda, no teachers students (except of Life). Just being open, as equals, with a shared understanding, see what unfolds, have fun. Being. 🙂
“Nothing to do, nowhere to go.”
Yes, join us, and connect for relaxed conversation, or say nothing and hang out.

Wednesday & Sunday, 9:00AM Pacific Standard Time PST (4:00PM UTC) =
10:00AM Denver
12:00PM New York
4:00PM London
9:30PM New Delhi
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Celebrate the perfume of the Art of Living, the Yoga of Listening

Thank You:  Satsang & meditation participants from Francis Lucille, Laura Lucille and Rupert Spira, or the spiritual psychology field (such as Three Principles Psychology or “3P”) or anyone who shares an interest in non-duality, wisdom traditions, and experiencing connection and presence.

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“There can be but one Now!”
~ Alfred Aiken

* 3P – Three Principles Psychology, a Non-dual understanding & spiritual psychology spawned by the late Sydney Banks.


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