Solar Fridge Project V.3 – Page 7

In 2019 I realized that more power was needed, if I was going to run a fridge as well as other accessories consistently and at the same time. In January 2019 bought a polycrystalline “90W” solar module over the internet from Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, Inc. The panels were made by Solarland, model SLP085-12U. “SolarLand USA is a subsidiary of Solarland’s factory in Wuxi, China”

SolarLand panel label

SolarLand Panel back

SolarLand module closeup

Then realized I didn’t want panels that only output 85W. Hunted around and found that actually a local supplier that made their own panels from high quality German-made mono-crystalline cells – LightCatcher Solar
Making some measurements, I realized that two of their 100 Watt modules could fit on top of the vehicle.

I purchased two 100 Watt panels, and later made a frame from aluminum. The frame serves to disguise and make the panels harder to see or steal, and also serves as an aesthetic windbreak to lessen wind noise. It also looks cool. And you can’t even tell there are solar panels up there.

Jumping ahead a bit, here they are later in the year, on a camping trip in the Anza Borrego Desert:

Solar Panel in-situ in the desert, November 7th, 2019

Before the Smittybilt rack was added in front:

Solar Panel Guard

Solar Panel Guard

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