In 2018, I made a little readout box so I could see what the voltages were from the battery, panels, battery at the charge controller (so I could tell if there was a problem with the battery wires), and at "Load" on the controller.

These little digital volt meter (DVM) mulit-colored readouts are cheap on Amazon or eBay:

Colored LED DVMs

Mounting the readouts and switches behind the clear cover of the box:

Solar Panel Readout Construction 1 – 11/5/2018

Back then the kitchen table was my electronics bench.

Kitchen table electronics bench

The LED readouts and toggle switches for them get mounted in the box and wired up:

Wiring up the LED readouts

Here was the charge controller at the time:

SunSaver Charge Controller

All together, on the bench:

Solar Readout all together, on bench

Fire it up! Connected to solar system:

Solar Readout hooked up

Hey, this reminded my nephew of the electronics in the Back To The Future vehicle, haha. I'm just missing a Flux Capacitor:

Back To The Future readouts

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