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On Beyond Life and Career Advice (for Teens and Adults)

By meestereric | Jan 3, 2019

Reflecting on Life and Career Advice (for teens or adults): Last night I watched some old videos of a famous comic, brilliant, creative, very “successful”,…

On Beyond the Body Mind World (or, Liberation for Whom?)

By meestereric | Dec 18, 2018

Happiness and Pleasure Happiness from objects makes no sense. Where is the happiness experienced? Let’s not even talk about happiness, for the time being, let’s…

On Beyond (Academic) Philosophy

By meestereric | Dec 13, 2018

For a most of the time when I was at university, I fantasized about being a philosopher, an esteemed future professor, with new grand theories…

Non-Duality is Not Idealism

By meestereric | Dec 9, 2018

Nor is it materialism…. But is it so obvious it’s not materialism? It will be obvious they are two sides of a mistaken coin, once…

Living For the Moment or In the Moment?

By meestereric | Dec 9, 2018

Journal missive from the balcony… another set of highly imperfect notes. I once said to a young friend who I let crash in my living…

"Earth Cradling Sky"

Dialogue With A Sage: The Thousand Deaths

By meestereric | Dec 2, 2018

This article, after a brief discussion to set the stage, follows with is an email dialogue with a living sage* (whose identity will remain anonymous…


On Beyond Being Born

By meestereric | Nov 27, 2018

I make fun of birthdays (my “birthday” is today – this calendar date – when I’m writing this), calling them “Unborn Days”. To distill the…

My Personal Misery Trainer – Comedy Skit

By meestereric | Nov 4, 2018

“Humor is ignorance exposed” – Francis Lucille Props (optional): clipboard, running pants, a bottle of beer (Ordinary looking guy, maybe a little mussed, a little fussed,…

Meditation: “Are We There Yet?”

By meestereric | Nov 4, 2018

The scene: a group in meditation. The teacher guides them to “Open their attention”, and “Simply be in awareness”, and observe, notice the thoughts going…

The Enlightenment Contest

By meestereric | Nov 4, 2018

The scene: a non-duality spiritual retreat. Someone gets up, in the evening, after the meditation and dialogue, when announcements are made: “I have a little…

My Path Is Better Than Your Path (funny)

By meestereric | Oct 31, 2018

I overheard some spiritual egos the other day while meditating, and recorded this raucous argument: “I’m going direct, and you’re only progressive, you know.” “Big…

On Beyond Cause and Effect

By meestereric | Oct 24, 2018

In practical mechanical affairs, cause and effect thinking can have utility. For example, your car suddenly loses power on the freeway. Using reason and your…

Pine Moon image

On Beyond Spiritual Bypassing

By meestereric | Oct 24, 2018

This article is not about showing you how not to do spiritual bypassing (or telling someone else how not to do it) but will make…

3P Brainwashing? A Response to Someone Distressed About a Family Member

By meestereric | Oct 24, 2018

I recently received this note from someone wanting some advice (“pick my brains”) about the Three Principles Psychology (3P), which I have written about in…

Kissing a Sweet Goodbye to The Three Principles

By meestereric | Oct 21, 2018

  From a recording: “If you’re listening to this in your car and you find yourself in a beautiful feeling, roll down your window, pop…

The Garden of Bliss

By meestereric | Oct 11, 2018

In the garden of bliss there are no formulas no principles only the sun blazing away unknown All to all sweet as infinite love has…


By meestereric | Oct 11, 2018

113. His disciples said to him, “When will the kingdom come?” “It will not come by watching for it. It will not be said, ‘Look,…

There Is No Such Thing as Enlightenment

By meestereric | Oct 3, 2018

I once heard the spiritual teacher (of Advaita, Non-duality) Francis Lucille tell his students (who he would rather refer to as “friends”): “Would you rather…