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On Beyond Depression

By meestereric | November 16, 2020 |

I was diagnosed with “clinical depression” 30 years ago or so, and told I’d be on Prozac (a popular SSRI antidepressant at the time) for the rest of my life,…

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Real Identity and Effortless Living

By meestereric | November 13, 2020 |

A short dialogue about identity and practices.      Hi Eric – I hope you’re doing well. I’m a 19 year old college student studying in [a city in the…

True Love and Relationships, Part 1

By meestereric | October 30, 2020 |

A series about non-dual love. This article is the first in a series about love and relationships. It may challenge your ideas about love, or it may serve as a…

Poem: You Are Singular (Guest Post – Thomas Stern)

By meestereric | October 30, 2020 |

It is deliciously simple: Your true identity is no identity. It is easy: You do not own a thing Nothing of what you see is yours You are not what…

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Real Intelligence

By meestereric | October 13, 2020 |

It is an amazing and profound predicament the Western mind has gotten itself into, using the faculties of natural intelligence and consciousness to entangle itself into a corner about the…

On Beyond Politics: the Radical Truth

By meestereric | October 7, 2020 |

For several years I was a leader involved in community issues a larger city, in an urban area.  I had been asked and then elected to a position of leadership…

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On Beyond Unconscious Habits

By meestereric | September 15, 2020 |

What is the unconscious? How can we free ourselves from “bad” habits, and be more successful (however you define that) in life? These questions, which are interrelated, came up from…

On Beyond the Mind, Revisited

By meestereric | September 14, 2020 |

How to use the mind to get beyond the mind? This is a contemplation on freedom. Even that sentence is a bit deceptive: what do we mean, really mean, by…

Meditation: The Humility of Mastery

By meestereric | September 9, 2020 |

Why are we told all the answers are in the silence, if such a direction is made of words which are not silence? Notice the paradox of listening to words…

Is Awareness an Experience?

By meestereric | September 2, 2020 |

The following is an email dialogue the author had with a truth lover friend in New York (who happens to be a psychiatrist/psychotherapist). She heard a nonduality teacher say that…

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Who Awakens? Further Notes on Liberation

By meestereric | August 25, 2020 |

Who becomes liberated, if there is no personal self, no separate entities anywhere in existence? This is greatly puzzling. I wrote previously about Enlightenment,  (and here) observing that there was…

You are the Path

By meestereric | August 23, 2020 |

Not you as a person but what you already Are. Do you need to do something with the mind? Fight it, or other minds, or stand up for it, see…

On Beyond The Past and Perfection

By meestereric | August 20, 2020 |

It can be harder to enjoy the clean clear air of the high mountain passes if your legs are still struggling to move through the mud of the swamp. This…

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