"Sunset in Canyon Sin Nombre", by Eric Platt, ©Copyright 2018
"Sunset in Canyon Sin Nombre", by Eric Platt, ©Copyright 2018

On Beyond (Academic) Philosophy

For a while when in school, I fantasizing myself to be a future professor. Then I realized no one (not even the world-class philosophers with huge grants, who I’d previously worshipped!) knew what the mind or intelligence was, or how the brain worked, or many other things they claimed to know, especially about consciousness (and neither did I, I just came to know they didn’t know what they claimed they know!). All they had were pet theories to defend and try and build careers on.

I also had an enormous, gran mal revelation that intuition was the way to go. In other words that intuition was the primary and natural mode of intelligence, and not the cognitive type they modeled. This intuition happened the Now, directly “downloaded” from the Source, and was not a symbol-based, mechanical, computer or model-based thinking they seemed required to worship. That “seeing” put me outside, beyond the pale of academia, whose modus operandi was processing past knowledge, highly analytical, mind-oriented, and hyper-intellectual, as well as political and career motivated, ego-based, and in a modality of time-based thinking that emphasized memory and processing (not fresh, creative, or free).

Indeed, they were obsessed with modeling the mind and consciousness, and not understanding or recognizing what the mind was based in; and, arrogantly they were assuming and using the only tool they would admit was real or worthy of consideration, within their mental paradigm jail of thought (if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!). It was a merry-go-round, not very merry, of the same game tokens used over and over again, often highly technical, using jargon and terminology and inflated vocabulary such that only insiders knew, or cared frankly, what the hell they were talking about. “Straight-A illiterates” some have called graduates of such a system, the maze of academic “learning”. Luckily, I saw the light and escaped before getting sucked into the graduate school slavery system.

I then studied Zen Buddhism at Zen Center San Diego (when Joko Beck was there). I also did graduate classes in Visual Art (advanced studio painting with Patricia Patterson).

These days I hang out with Francis Lucille and Laura Lucille, and other lovers and friends of truth, absorbing by osmosis an atmosphere of peace, love, and beauty. Learning not to expect. Or rather unlearning to expect…


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