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Hello Dear Readers,

This is to let you know that all the "old" articles (on non-duality and related topics) were moved from this site to a new domain at:

New articles on non-duality, consciousness and "spiritual" stuff will appear at This site ( will remain in its current state for a few days while people get up to speed.

The new site at will reflect the project's aim more properly, and free up for personal projects – inventions, business, creative projects, other topics, etc.. ( itself will undergo a complete revamp).

All the articles, images and comments up to 12/13/22  from will be preserved on

On Beyond Zen will continue to deepen the exploration — in an impersonal and universal way — into consciousness, reality, wisdom and timeless spiritual teachings, in a practical and relevant way to life, while connecting related topics in philosophy, psychology, literature, science... as well as post beautiful photographs.

Freeing oneself from spiritual teachings, techniques and practices can be part of the path as well, and thus the spontaneous creative inspiration to name it "On Beyond Zen" (inspired by the children's' book “On Beyond Zebra” that I learned to read from at age 7…) turns out to be apt.

So many people struggle, it seems, with spiritual teachings, wisdom traditions, and new forms of psychology, coaching, meditation and techniques, as well as those based in timeless truths and paths and proven methods, such that the teaching itself — the pointers that point are supposed to point us to absolute freedom — can start to seem like a frustration, a burden, or a trap. Hopefully I/we can provide some useful clarity at least, a way out of the confusion, on the "path". If nothing else, it will be a fun and enjoyable conversation!

As a forum with worldwide reach, I would like On Beyond Zen to be a place for discussions about universal topics, and not just a posting board for my opinions, views, or plugging some kind of "teaching" (no one "knows" anything – especially me!). To that end, I may post more guest content as well as do podcasts, and interview teachers and the like in the field. Stay tuned for the Fun, the Adventure!

The goal or aim of the project, this investigation by life and for life, is really at heart about freedom and happiness. This becomes more clear as time goes on, and as it plays out in the author's life. Freedom, harmony, beauty, love, truth ... all those attributes of Consciousness, such as Truth, Love, and Beauty, and Peace ... that we desire in our heart of hearts.

Please update your bookmarks.

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