This website is a collection of writing—exploratory, philosophical and poetic—in the general areas of non-dual philosophy, psychology, spiritual culture, society, technology, and beyond…anything that interests me or I think is worth exploring.

The project hopes to inspire readers, and possibly help them on their journey, by clearing the way: to be a friendly companion not just in this world, but point beyond the human mind, beyond conceptual understanding. To what? To that which encompasses both. What is that? Nothing: no thing. It’s an exploration into what is called “Consciousness”, the nature of reality, this Awakeness, this No-thing-ness, of Self-discovery… to the impersonal Love, Light and Life that we are.

But I want you to discover this wonderful land for yourself… perhaps these writings and images can be hints of Truth, Beauty, and Love that serve as a launchpad into the vastness of space, the space On Beyond Zen. Buckle in and leave your concepts behind.

Warning Light (beep, beep…): Enter this territory with Joy and Humor. Have fun.

Let the adventure begin…

About The Name of the Site



The name of this site, “On Beyond Zen”, came to me one day, as a play on two ideas: the delightful children’s book I learned to read from when I was 7 years old: “On Beyond Zebra” by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel), and my interests in Zen and in Non-duality, which point beyond the inherently limited personal mind.

This is an on-going journey of universal Self-uncovery (the eternal investigation).