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On Beyond Cause and Effect, Part II

A reader asked “how can one go beyond cause and effect?” in response to my article “On Beyond Cause and Effect“.

Here is one possible answer (hopefully a practical one):

One cannot, as a person, as a human being, go beyond cause and effect. In other words as a separate entity, one has zero freedom. We are biological robots.

The good news is that the story or picture being presented to us by the mind is a false one.

What are you?

Are you what appears in awareness, or are you awareness itself?

As a human robot, you will always and everywhere be subject to the laws of cause and effect. There is no escape.

But, there is a way out, as Consciousness.

As the great Western sage Robert Adams put it, “Your only freedom is to not react.”

What does this mean?

First of all, it means you look deeply into your actual experience, not what you think your experience is. Witness the raw experience, not what you conceptualize it to be.

Merely reading about it can only inspire. You have to do it, practice it.

So the practical answer is “Be still.”

Second, from this detachment, one can notice the reactions that have been programmed into the bodymind, and not continue them, as their only life is the one you submit to continue to grant them by going along with them, identifying with them.

Consciousness dissolves the programmed reactions, if they are fully seen and fully accepted and fully let go of. That is, if you truly want to be free of them. Most people don’t. They hang on for dear life, funny as that sounds. They are like pets or children, our reactions. Who would we be without our reactions, opinions, judgement, emotions, thinking thinking thinking…? Free, that’s what.

This is an ongoing practice through your life, 24 hours a day, until you break all the chains.

Freedom is the goal – absolute freedom.

Be who you are.



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