My Personal Misery Trainer (funny)

Guy in running pants, with a clipboard, gets up in front the of a group in a hall. He’s taking the opportunity to make a little announcement. “OK. Because you know how they say, take a passion you have, turn a personal thing you love into uh, you know, a new business, make a livelihood…

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The Enlightenment Contest (funny)

The scene: a spiritual retreat … someone gets up, in the evening, after the meditation and dialogue: “I have a little announcement. Since everyone here is interested in not only becoming enlightened, or perhaps thinks they already are, and furthermore would love very much to gain full recognition for it and prove something to their…

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Comedy Sketch – Advaitans Anonymous (AA)

[Note: this sketch was performed by the actor Vishal Patel who read the script and volunteered – at a recent Francis Lucille retreat, in Temecula, California. I did the fake “announcement” afterwards] “So I heard there was a woman who spent a million dollars on retreats and seeking enlightenment over the years, traveling around the world…

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