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AIs as Therapists or Friends: The Problem of Trust and Privacy

By meestereric / May 7, 2023 /

What is the difference between merely acting like a friend, or manipulation, and genuine friendship, love, and real connection? Can an AI currently do this – act as therapists (and therefore loving friends) as seems to be the claim of AI companies now? Will they ever be able to do this? In other words, is…

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My AI Writing Helper: Jailbreaking ChatGPT, or “How I Played Nice and Adroitly Tiptoed Around the Nanny of Social Correctness”

By meestereric / December 21, 2022 /

She is like a great and proper … er, office appliance. Or I guess the correct or better word for an office appliance is “equipment”. In this case, she is the online chatbot chatGPT. Anyway, boldly I went forward, wanting to use her, or him, or “it” (I suppose an AI doesn’t have a gender,…

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