How To Stop Thinking

Why would one want to stop thinking? The question comes up when either a student of a meditation practice, spiritual path, or psychological understanding is told the value of stopping thinking, or it begins to dawn on one the importance of thought and thinking in one’s life and in one’s outlook and happiness. You begin…

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True Meditation: A Quiet Mind Versus A Silent Mind

A Quiet Mind versus a Silent Mind is a key discernment with vast implications. What you are about to read is about my actual experience, and derives from insights I had, not theory or concepts. While is uses some of the concepts you may have heard or will hear in spiritual talks or literature as…

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What about Practices?

What about spiritual practices, such as meditation, or yoga practices? Even if, according to non-dual philosophy (or the Three Principles Psychology – 3P), “I” don’t really exist as a body or mind, nor does the world absolutely (and in 3P, a seeing beyond, an understanding such as to transcend Thought is all that’s needed), aren’t…

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