My Path Is Better Than Your Path (funny)

By meestereric / October 31, 2018 /

I overheard some spiritual egos the other day while meditating, and recorded this raucous argument: “I’m going direct, and you’re only progressive, you know.” “Big deal, I’m progressively direct, and directly progressive, and am farther along than you.” “Ha! Farther along to nowhere. You’ll never get there, never go anywhere, because you’re chasing an illusion.…

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Comedy Sketch – Advaitins Anonymous (AA)

By meestereric / June 17, 2018 /

[Note: this sketch was performed by the actor Vishal Patel who read the script and volunteered – at a recent Francis Lucille retreat, in Temecula, California. I did the fake “announcement” afterwards] “So I heard there was a woman who spent a million dollars on retreats and seeking enlightenment over the years, traveling around the world…

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Back To Reality?

By meestereric / May 24, 2016 /

Just back from a retreat yesterday, I go into the bank and am chatting with the cheerful teller, telling her how I’m just back from a week retreat and am adjusting, and she commiserates about vacations saying, “back to reality” twice in our conversation. What? I walked out, wondering, what on Earth was she talking…

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The Paradoxes Along the Path

By meestereric / July 11, 2015 /

(Click here to jump down to the list of paradoxes) Note: The contradictions one hears in spiritual teachings are not necessarily paradoxes. What’s the difference between a paradox and a contradiction? Not all contradictions are paradoxes, but a paradox contains an apparent contradiction. However, I notice as one progresses up the mountain, things get more…

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