Keep Your (Garden) Drawers On

By meestereric / June 5, 2013 /

[From the Archive: 2013] Vegetables need lots of sun: at least 6 hours, but the more the better. I was looking for a way to raise a planting area high enough to not be shaded by the Valerian plants in my garden plot at the community garden. I’d also wanted to make the soil deeper,…

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The Ebb & Flow Method of Hydroponics [from the archives 2012]

By meestereric / September 11, 2012 /

HYDROPONICS INTRODUCTION: Why Soil-less Gardening? Soil is very complex. It’s an entire living community, forming a whole web, with trillions of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, as well as worms and arthropods (insects etc.) that break down the organic material, in concert with the enzymes from the roots of plants, to convert it to nutrients…

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Starting Vegetables From Seed [from the Archive: 2011]

By meestereric / July 23, 2011 /

Introduction Starting vegetables, or any plant, from seed is a joy and a wonder. Watching plants grow from seed is amazing and fun. To take this tiny dry little bit of matter (and every kind of seed is a different shape and color), give it water and soil, and watch new green life emerge from…

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