AI and Sentience Versus Consciousness

By meestereric / December 31, 2022 /

If we someday build robots that begin to act in a way that is indistinguishable from humans, according to everyone’s perception, despite them being mechanical and created beings (by us), will we have to grant them all the rights of a human being, such as to not be slaves? I think it’s time we delve…

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By meestereric / April 9, 2018 /

I got my first computer as a teenager, in 1979. I had to drive to Los Angeles to find a shop that had “personal computers”, as it was a novel concept. What I picked up was an Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P, an 8-bit computer that used the same processor as the Apple I – the…

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By meestereric / March 30, 2018 /

I got DR. CHALLENGER working last night! It’s an ancient chatbot that is a simulation of an interactive Rogerian non-directive psychotherapist. I wrote it in 1979, inspired by ELIZA. (See the source code for DR. CHALLENGER at the end of this article). Last night I first got it to run on the phone in an…

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There Is No Such Thing as Artificial Intelligence: Notes On The Myth of AI

By meestereric / March 13, 2018 /

ABSTRACT: This essay is an initial attempt to outline what I see as the limitations in the current approaches to a generalized Artificial Intelligence (AI), the underlying assumptions that constitute and create those limitations, and how such limitations might either imply a limit to what can be done, or theoretically suggest a way forward in…

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