On Beyond Being Human: a Sort of Poem

Let’s consider this scenario: It’s all or nothing: because there is no partial Self, and self-realization is not for persons (egos) or separate entities. Since there is no one anyway. No bodies. And “Mind” with a small “m” is synonymous with movement, as in “a movement and a rest” (Gospel of Thomas, 50). We could…

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On Beyond Enlightenment: Editorial

Cloudspiration Photo © Eric Platt 2017

I know what you’re thinking: “How could there be anything beyond enlightenment? That’s stupid.” And I agree with you. As far as that goes. But what is the “that”? What is this enlightenment thing, that so many seem to want or are intensely interested in, or think that some teachers have, and go to them…

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On Beyond the Body Mind World (or, Liberation for Whom?)

Happiness and Pleasure Happiness from objects makes no sense. Where is the happiness experienced? Let’s not even talk about happiness, for the time being, let’s just look at pleasure. Where is the pleasure experienced? If you’re thinking the pleasure is in driving a luxury car, or a woman’s company, or a man’s company, or making…

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On Beyond (Academic) Philosophy

For a while when in school, I fantasizing myself to be a future professor. Then I realized no one (not even the world-class philosophers with huge grants, who I’d previously worshipped!) knew what the mind or intelligence was, or how the brain worked, or many other things they claimed to know, especially about consciousness (and…

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Dialogue With A Sage: The Thousand Deaths

"Earth Cradling Sky"

This article, after a brief discussion to set the stage, follows with is an email dialogue with a living sage* (whose identity will remain anonymous for reasons of privacy). About 38 years ago I—a past “me”, which does not exist except as a memory-thought, or traces on film in the present—experienced what was could be…

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Fledgling Nonduality

There is this inference, this false inference that we started doing because when we were little kids, there was a name given, pointed out as associated with this perception of sensations and associated with what was happening. It creates this concept of a self and a body, a name and a body, an “I” thought…

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