Depression And Anxiety Are Springboards To Happiness

By meestereric / December 26, 2017 /

April 2016 Recently, at a question-and answer session with a spiritual teacher, I heard them say that pain or difficult states of mind were “springboards”. That was an intriguing statement. I could say depression and anxiety were springboards to spirituality and psychology for me around 28 years ago, and this understanding we now call the…

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How To End Anxiety: The Dawning of a New Understanding

By meestereric / April 24, 2016 /

Here’s my two cents on anxiety: something I’d had lots of experience with, once I’d cured myself of depression. Today it was happening—I was feeling anxious—and as often in the case, I was not sure if it was associated with thoughts about anything in the external world. They call this “generalized anxiety” in the psychiatric…

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