My AI Writing Helper: Jailbreaking ChatGPT, or “How I Played Nice and Adroitly Tiptoed Around the Nanny of Social Correctness”

By meestereric / December 21, 2022 /

She is like a great and proper … er, office appliance. Or I guess the correct or better word for an office appliance is “equipment”. In this case, she is the online chatbot chatGPT. Anyway, boldly I went forward, wanting to use her, or him, or “it” (I suppose an AI doesn’t have a gender,…

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How the AI ChatGPT Got Me Unstuck As a Fiction Writer

By meestereric / December 19, 2022 /

Robots are our friends… sort of.  (This article is the first in a series about AI and robotics). And mental robots – so-call “artificial intelligence” (AI) software systems – are already available that can do rather remarkable simulations of things like human language, using what are called “models” run on computer-based “neural networks”. Neural net…

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By meestereric / March 30, 2018 /

I got DR. CHALLENGER working last night! It’s an ancient chatbot that is a simulation of an interactive Rogerian non-directive psychotherapist. I wrote it in 1979, inspired by ELIZA. Last night I first got it to run on the phone in an app that emulates Commodore BASIC from the late 70’s, then online, in an…

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There Is No Such Thing as Artificial Intelligence: Notes On The Myth of AI

By meestereric / March 13, 2018 /

ABSTRACT: This essay is an initial attempt to outline what I see as the limitations in the current approaches to a generalized Artificial Intelligence (AI), the underlying assumptions that constitute and create those limitations, and how such limitations might either imply a limit to what can be done, or theoretically suggest a way forward in…

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