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Fledgling Nonduality

By meestereric | Jun 14, 2018

There is this inference, this false inference that we started doing because when we were little kids, there was a name given, pointed out as…

Love and Freedom Cannot Be Separated

By meestereric | May 28, 2018

  Freedom and love can’t be separated.  By “freedom” is meant true inner freedom, and by “love” is meant impersonal love, the nondual living truth,…

Notes on “Feelings”

By meestereric | May 21, 2018

  “The teaching is not in the words, it is in the love and understanding from which the words proceed and with which they are…

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On Beyond Limitations of the Three Principles Psychology Model

By meestereric | Apr 22, 2018

   ‘There’s no limit to how much you’ll know, depending how far beyond zebra you go.’ – Dr. Seuss The following article arose from a…

Find Your Happy Work

By meestereric | Apr 20, 2018

To find your Ideal Work you will want to find the Intersection of 3 things: Love, Skills, and Market. Here’s this “Holy Trinity” of Work…

Silicon Life, Consciousness, and Miraculous Intelligence

By meestereric | Apr 13, 2018

“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” – Matthew 22:21 The following is based on a…

The Three Principles and The Direct Path

By meestereric | Apr 5, 2018

What is the difference between the Three Principles psychology (3P), a spiritual school that uses the model of Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness and Thought, and…


About Needing “Grounding” and Spiritual Teaching

By meestereric | Apr 5, 2018

The question often comes up, what is meant by “grounding”. Am I “grounded” and how can I tell if someone else is “grounded”? The question…


By meestereric | Mar 30, 2018

Got DR. CHALLENGER working last night! First on the phone in an app that emulates Commodore BASIC from the late 70’s, then online, in an…

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What is Spirituality?

By meestereric | Mar 29, 2018

  “It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere”  – Agnes Repplier It’s interesting to…

Technological Governance: A Response to Daniel Jeffries’ Interview on Future Thinkers

By meestereric | Mar 22, 2018

I recently enjoyed listening to an interview with a friend – a “colleague in thought” – with whom I also engaged in a fascinating discussion…

There Is No Such Thing as Artificial Intelligence: Notes On The Myth of AI

By meestereric | Mar 13, 2018

ABSTRACT: This essay is an initial attempt to outline what I see as the limitations in the current approaches to a generalized Artificial Intelligence (AI),…

What is Money?

By meestereric | Feb 24, 2018

Notes on the Nature of Money and its Future What is money? We use it almost every day, but like the air we breathe, we…

Notes on Psychological “Boundaries”

By meestereric | Feb 18, 2018

Boundaries are often talked about in behavioral terms: don’t cross this boundary, or I feel like my boundaries have been violated, or the respect for…

If Life is a Game, Make Sure You Are Playing The Right Game

By meestereric | Feb 12, 2018

What kind of game do you want to play in life? How do you see the world: as a bunch of separate material object or…

Nonduality and the Three Principles Psychology as Teaching Models

By meestereric | Dec 27, 2017

An acquaintance from an online forum sent a message to me recently, with a good question about Sydney Banks, the enlightened man who inspired what…

Depression And Anxiety Are Springboards To Happiness

By meestereric | Dec 26, 2017

April 2016 Recently, at a question-and answer session with a spiritual teacher, I heard them say that pain or difficult states of mind were “springboards”.…

A Christmas Note from Laura Lucille

By meestereric | Dec 26, 2017

On Christmas day, in a spiritual psychology forum online, I wrote, regarding Sydney Banks, the enlightened man that started the movement way back in the…

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