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While personal stories are largely irrelevant to the Truth, and history is put together from selective memory according to local interests, people understandably want to know "about" the person. People are interesting to people, which is a funny thing to see: when one knows one is not a person, it's different...

So where we go, to satisfy the curiosity, here's a story, picking out what seems more or less relevant:

Eric took a very long journey, starting with glimmerings of something else besides the "normal" misery and conformity when he was a teenager, to an early interest in Zen, and an experience of the Absolute when he was 21 that planted the seed of light and eternity, and that opened doors and questions that would last a lifetime ... then becoming obsessed with questions about intelligence, consciousness, creativity, reality, and how to live, starting a journey through Western Philosophy, AI and neuroscience studies in academia (U.C.S.D., and continuing beyond), as well as Western psychology and visual art. After academia, he continued as a visual artist, writer, and got involved in the computer graphics software business, working for others. He quickly learned he wanted freedom and independence, and so started doing freelance consulting on a wide area of problems and solutions in 1990, which continues to this day (with many permutations and side trips along the way, such as in corporate gigs). He also continued to do art in the form of acrylic painting and electronic sculpture, which were exhibited in shows and sold to private collectors. Various inventions were also born along the way combining engineering and creativity, such as a solar-powered refrigerator system for SUVs, and life-giving neighborhood gardens and hydroponics systems that serve the community.

Encountering non-duality both through experience, teachings and wisdom of teachers like Sydney Banks, and countless writers of ancient scribes of the "perennial philosophy", he delved into the spiritual psychology field of the Three Principles Psychology for over 20 years, before exiting and studying with the teacher and "sage" Francis Lucille, for over 6 years, where "all the dots were connected" of the journey of 40 years. Clarity ensued, and the simplicity of Truth, oneness and harmony, love and beauty, connectedness and peace, which continue to infold and unfold.

He has been called a "renaissance man" (and a few other names, like "eccentric" or "genius", which he takes with a very large grain of salt... :)) ).

He now spends time living in beautiful Southern California, working and playing, writing and doing photography, going on desert expeditions ("sabbaticals"), inventing new stuff, doing consulting, etc...

Common Ground

This website is an exploration and sharing of our common ground. It is a journey and an investigation, an uncovering and sharing of the real basis for human happiness, peace, creativity, communication, connection, a harmonious life... as best one can. It is the enjoyment of that process itself as well as the community of like-minded "truth lovers" from around the world. It is the art of living made manifest as writing and photos. It is unique expression not just of writer-artist (Eric Platt) but also any other participants in the play.

The main topics could be said to be applied philosophy – how to be happy, loving, connected, creative, at peace, attuned to Reality – via the thread running through philosophy in the traditional or ancient sense of "love of wisdom" (philo-sophia) and the topics of consciousness, reality, mind, psychology, science and any related areas, like society, humor and art.

Much of the content here is inspired by the philosophical understanding called "nonduality" or "non-dualism" (Advaita vedanta in the East) as well as connecting psychology to spirituality in an applied and practical way, informed by my background in the field of Three Principles Psychology.

In the broadest sense, the journey is about going beyond the mind, including all the "spiritual", wisdom and philosophical teachings: thus the name of the site "On Beyond Zen." The name could also refer to the intuition, or "innate intelligence" that comes from beyond the mind "out of the blue": the vertical dimension if you will.

The name "On Beyond Zen", popped up one day, as a play on two ideas: the delightful children's book I learned to read from when I was 7 years old: "On Beyond Zebra" by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel), and my interests in Zen in the 80's, and in non-duality more recently.



Holding Up The Sun


  1. Refoyl Messing on January 21, 2018 at 2:27 am

    I recently attended an Innate Health Conference in Fort Lee, NJ. It was my first Innate Health experience. I’ve been deeply interested in human transformation since taking the EST Training in 1980. I’ve been an Orthodox Jew since 1989. One of the Innate Health leaders in the NY area gave me the link to this website. I’m interested in helping Innate Health further develop The Three Principles. I’ve participated in some weekly group online meetings and monthly professional supervision meetings since the conference and find the underwhelming. There is an awful lot of confusion amongst the participants and the leaders don’t seem to have very good coaching skills. Whenever a coach doesn’t have a good answer to a question, they always seem to migrate to the airy-fairy ‘universal intelligence’ answer, a sure sign that people don’t know what they are talking about. I am interested in developing an R&D group to take Innate Health to a new level. Would you be interested in participating in a discovery-call to discuss formulating an R&D effort?

  2. meestereric on February 18, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    Dear Refoyl –

    I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm regarding human potential. Humans have a vast untapped wealth of wisdom and creative power. The frontier is wide open in the field of “consciousness studies” (or however you want to see & approach the understanding of this human experience, and happiness).

    It’s unfortunate that speakers fall back on stock answers about “universal intelligence” when they are at a loss. However I wouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater and reject the possibility that there is such a thing (or non-thing), if that is what your “airy fairy” comment is indicating. But perhaps “common humanity” would go down better.

    I’m willing to help how I can…


    • Beth on May 14, 2018 at 11:13 am

      I came across your writings in relation to 3P’s and just wanted to thank you – for your clarity, wisdom & well grounded discourse – the antithesis of “airy fairy”. Thanks

      • meestereric on May 17, 2018 at 8:04 am

        Thanks Beth. Encouraging words.

  3. Sharmini Gana on December 20, 2018 at 11:47 am

    Dear Eric, I must concur with Beth, your deeper Knowing shines thru your
    blog posts, writings & responses, including the innate wisdom you shared in your reply to Refoyl. Have you had a direct experience (yet)? Just curious because you certainly “get it” Also do you offer guidance or 1:1 consult (via phone or online)? Kindly email me or post here if you feel comfortable. {Namaste} Thank You very much Eric.

    • meestereric on December 21, 2018 at 9:57 am

      Sharmini – Thank you for the kind comment and questions on my website.

      I’ve had an experience of my true nature, yes. The undoing of learned tendencies continues, as it does for all us (including sages and so-called enlightened folks)… 🙂

      Yes I offer consulting and do online meetings ( Please use the Contact page to get in touch.

      Warmest Regards,

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