My life is dedicated to to realizing BLT (Beauty Love Truth) for the BMW (Body Mind World).

This site has some of my writing about applied philosophy, psychology, what’s called “spirituality”, more or less, and whatever else strikes my fancy.
I also post some purty pitchurs to make your eyeballs spin, dance and be extra happy.


I’ve been self-employed since 1989 as a creative entrepreneur and freelancer. These days I do independent “design consultant” for a software company (including how to make things more usable for humans), and various other clients. I also create and sell photos, art, and jewelry and whatever else pops out of me.

I graduated from U.C.S.D.  with a degree in Philosophy and a minor in Visual Art (I specialized in the Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, and pursued independent research into the Philosophy of Psychology & AI). For a while when in school, I fantasizing myself to be a future professor. Then I realized no one—even the world-class philosophers with huge grants I’d previously worshipped—knew what the mind or intelligence was, or how the brain worked, or anything else they claimed to know, especially about consciousness (and neither did I, I just knew they didn’t know what they claimed they knew). I also had an enormous, gran mal revelation that intuition was the way to go. In other words that intuition was the primary and natural mode of intelligence, in the here and now, from the inside, from the Source, and not cognitive, symbol-based, mechanical, computer or model-based thinking. That put me outside, beyond the pale of academia, whose modus operandi was analytical, mind-oriented, and hyper-intellectual, as well as politically and career motivated, ego-based, and in a process modality of thinking (operations through time on memories: not fresh, creative, or free). They were obsessed with modeling the mind and consciousness, and not realizing It, using the only tool they would admit was real within their material and mental paradigm (if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!).

I then studied Zen Buddhism at Zen Center San Diego (when Joko Beck was there). I also did graduate classes in Visual Art (studio art: painting).

These days I hang out with Francis Lucille and Laura Lucille, and other lovers and friends of truth, absorbing by osmosis an atmosphere of peace, love, and beauty and all that good stuff. Learning not to expect. Or rather unlearning to expect…  

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  1. Refoyl Messing on January 21, 2018 at 2:27 am

    I recently attended an Innate Health Conference in Fort Lee, NJ. It was my first Innate Health experience. I’ve been deeply interested in human transformation since taking the EST Training in 1980. I’ve been an Orthodox Jew since 1989. One of the Innate Health leaders in the NY area gave me the link to this website. I’m interested in helping Innate Health further develop The Three Principles. I’ve participated in some weekly group online meetings and monthly professional supervision meetings since the conference and find the underwhelming. There is an awful lot of confusion amongst the participants and the leaders don’t seem to have very good coaching skills. Whenever a coach doesn’t have a good answer to a question, they always seem to migrate to the airy-fairy ‘universal intelligence’ answer, a sure sign that people don’t know what they are talking about. I am interested in developing an R&D group to take Innate Health to a new level. Would you be interested in participating in a discovery-call to discuss formulating an R&D effort?

  2. meestereric on February 18, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    Dear Refoyl – My apologies regarding how long it took me to respond: there were technical difficulties with the email notifications of this blog, so I didn’t see any comments until I logged in, and it took many days of back-and-forth with Siteground tech support to iron it all out (not to mention I was busy with other projects).

    I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm regarding human potential. Humans have a vast untapped wealth of wisdom and creative power. The frontier is wide open in the field of “consciousness studies”, or however you want to see and approach the understanding of this human experience, and how to make it happier.

    I take it that “Innate Health” is an organization of some type in NY, and that by “helping Innate Health further develop The Three Principles” you mean helping an organization improve their understanding or approach, as you later mention this in the context of developing an “R & D group”. It all sounds very interesting indeed. However I am not interested in getting involved in organizations, politics, or efforts to improve them.

    While I had been involved with the 3 Principles movement for about 20 years or so, and still enjoy writing about it and conversing with friends in the field, I’m an outsider with respect to direct professional gain in it. In any case, my interest in what we could call “spiritual psychology” has evolved in recent years and could more be described as a meditation and dialogue of the “nondual” or “direct path” variety. You could say The Three Principles were “college” and now I’m in “graduate school”. Joking aside, I have no ambitions to save the world, or human beings; no need to change it, or fix it, or otherwise fold, spindle or mutilate the world. The world is doomed. That is not a negative statement, but dramatic way of stating the observation that all is change in the phenomenal world: civilizations come and go, planets come and go, experiences of all types come and go. There is no overall improvement, only local ones, and constant global change. What is of true interest to me is what does *not* come and go, what does not change.

    Here’s a metaphor: if you were looking in a mirror, and you saw a hair out of place, would you try and reach in the mirror and put it back, or would you simply reach up and into your forehead? The world you experience is a reflection of your mind, as you have seen to a degree. Don’t waste time struggling with the mirror.

    It’s unfortunate that speakers fall back on stock answers about “universal intelligence” when they are at a loss. However I wouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater and reject the possibility that there is such a thing (or non-thing), if that is what your “airy fairy” comment is indicating. It would be perverse indeed if you were involved in a spiritual psychology movement and didn’t entertain mind with a big “m”, so I’ll assume you aren’t so cynical! Skepticism is healthy, and discernment about teachers, but cynicism is a disease of the mind.

    Ultimately, there isn’t anything that an R & D effort could do, since “there’s nothing new”, as Syd Banks and other wise folks have pointed out, with respect to what is, or our true nature. The answers have been there for millennia. In the world of phenomenon though, one can uncover the truth more and more of course, and find new ways to try and communicate or teach it, or look at how spirituality and psychology intersect (e.g. The Three Principles). But again, spiritual and or psychological teaching and coaching, beyond these tiny musings, are not my fields. So while I’m happy to comment and answer questions as best I can, I’ll leave it to those worldly saints who want to help their fellow humans via the vehicles discussed, to “make things happen”…


    • Beth on May 14, 2018 at 11:13 am

      I came across your writings in relation to 3P’s and just wanted to thank you – for your clarity, wisdom & well grounded discourse – the antithesis of “airy fairy”. Thanks

      • meestereric on May 17, 2018 at 8:04 am

        Thanks Beth. Encouraging words.

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