My purpose on this planet as an apparent bodymind is to be interested in mind* in order to be free from it. Since awareness is not a separate property—there is only one awareness—this seems to necessarily involved so-called "others" in the unfolding. It's apparently why "I" came back from the Absolute when I "died".
Serving in that capacity, I now write and dialogue with truth-loving friends. I took a long journey through science, psychology, philosophy, spiritual psychology, non-duality, much suffering, joy, love, ecstasy... countless experiences, Truth Love and Beauty all rotating around Universal Intelligence.... over a period of 50+ years.


The name of this site, "On Beyond Zen", came to me one day, as a play on two ideas: the delightful children's book I learned to read from when I was 7 Earth years old: "On Beyond Zebra" by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel), and my interests in Zen and in Non-duality.


*"mind" is defined here as that which we are not: phenomenality—mind/body/world—known via the experience sensing, thinking, and perceiving.  What we are in reality is that unknowable knower in which mind appears.


How can one go beyond Zen? Why it's easy: by not holding any concepts.

The site is a collection of writing, mostly philosophical & exploratory, in the general areas of nondual philosophy, psychology, spiritual culture, society, technology, and beyond!...anything else that interests me or I think is worth exploring and writing ...

The intent is to compile these articles into a book (or two): one will be large photo book, with bits of inspiring text; the other will be a book of essays.

The project hopes to inspire readers, and possibly help them on their journey, by clearing the way: to be a friendly companion not just in this world, but point beyond the human mind, beyond conceptual understanding. To what? To that which encompasses both. What is that? Nothing: no thing. It's an exploration into what is called "Consciousness", the nature of reality, this Awakeness, this No-thing-ness, of Self-discovery... to the impersonal Love, Light and Life that we are.

But I want you to discover this wonderful land for yourself... perhaps these writings and images can be hints of Truth, Beauty, and Love that serve as a launchpad into the vastness of space, the space On Beyond Zen. Buckle in and leave your concepts behind.

Warning Light (beep, beep...): Enter this territory with Joy and Humor. Have fun.

Let the adventure begin...


"There are no mistakes." ~Robert Adams