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On Beyond Being Human: a Sort of Poem

Let’s consider this scenario: It’s all or nothing: because there is no partial Self, and self-realization is not for persons (egos) or separate entities. Since there is no one anyway. No bodies. And “Mind” with a small “m” is synonymous with movement, as in “a movement and a rest” (Gospel of Thomas, 50). We could…

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On Beyond Life and Career Advice (for Teens and Adults)

Reflecting on Life and Career Advice (for teens or adults): Last night I watched some old videos of a famous comic, brilliant, creative, very “successful”, but who eventually committed suicide. And so many of the celebrities have been in and out of drug rehab, or commit suicide, or become recluses, or go through strings of…

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On Beyond Enlightenment: Editorial

Cloudspiration Photo © Eric Platt 2017

I know what you’re thinking: “How could there be anything beyond enlightenment? That’s stupid.” And I agree with you. As far as that goes. But what is the “that”? What is this enlightenment thing, that so many seem to want or are intensely interested in, or think that some teachers have, and go to them…

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