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Archive for July 2018

The Intellect and Beyond

A recent poster to a popular Three Principles forum commented: “It seems that in the 3P conversation there’s a variety of perspectives on things like free-will, control, to do or not to do. The notion that God (as in Mind, Consciousness and Thought) is everything vs there’s God and then there’s personal thinking. Do techniques…

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The Meaning of Ott’s Jack’s Cheese and Bread Snack Lyrics

I first heard this song about ten years ago and loved it, and was intrigued by the lyrics. Post-liberation, I can now say what they mean, from experience. When I first heard the lyrics, I didn’t know what they meant, but liked them and was intrigued. Later, I knew what they meant intellectually: it’s called…

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What is Self Love

I’ve often heard it said, for example, that in order to love another, or to find love, you have to “love yourself first” (including from prideful people that are not really loving). It’s always been puzzling because it sounds like there are two entities: someone to love (your self) and the one doing the loving…

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