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Archive for February 2016

Eckhart Tolle and Attention to Thoughts

Nice to hear Eckhart Tolle talking about thought and feeling (from the video “your Ego Love Unhappiness”): The feeling will often tell you what kind of thought it is, whether it’s true or not. And then you can recognize certain thoughts as not productive and as thoughts you would choose not to have if you…

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Facts of Life – The Axioms of Happiness

One day a couple years ago, when I was complaining to a Zen-like life coach and friend, he confronted me in a very direct way, with some powerful questions. The central one was “Who are you?”. This hit me like a lightning bolt, and the revelations unfolded over the next few days. It stopped my…

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Western Philosophy of Mind and the Problem of Life

Turning Western Philosophy of Mind on It’s Head Is life a problem to be solved? The philosophers and scientists who are trying to figure out how the mind works are basing their models on an orientation towards problems solving. They look for example, at animals in the world surviving, and see them solving problems: how…

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