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  • Universal Hydro: An adaptive hydroponics system with multiple automatic modes and modules that can be configured and used anywhere, for any crop.
  • Plant Propagation Chamber: An automated Plant Propagation Chamber (PPC) for use with the Universal Hydroponics system or independently, for raising seedlings and clones indoors to their full genetic potential.
  • Universal Memory Systems: solving the world's problem of digital data permanence (white paper).
  • Solar Fridge: A solar-electric refrigerator system on a 4WD SUV, with custom electronics
  • DR. CHALLENGER: An Eliza-like chatbot from 1979 that was an inspiration for research into AI, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, consciousness, etc.

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* I see creativity as a general power, one that can be applied to any field of interest or love, from the most 'technical' and 'scientific' to the most 'artistic'. Any child knows this: just watch how they play, naturally flowing and dancing from one activity to another... Only later does society impose categories, criticisms and restrictions to this natural love and enthusiasm.

That freedom is available to any of us, either as a recovered power or a present reality. It is a source of problem-solving, joy, and the end of boredom. Our only real limitations are the ones nature provides, which are much less than you might imagine... bodies, skills and knowledge are mere tools, instruments, as well as the clay of creation.