Non-Duality: What The Direct Path is Not

It’s not about a mental state or states (achieving or experiencing), it’s about clarity concerning what the situation is.

It’s not about psychology, it’s a subject having psychology.

It’s not about experiences (having special ones, or improving them), it’s about The Experiencer.

It’s not about being spiritual, it’s naturally seeing what is, discovering it accepting and open.

It’s not about understanding something (from the past, knowledge), it’s about Understanding happening now.

It’s not about you (becoming enlightened, improved, revealed, evolved, a new you), it’s about the illusion of charades.

It’s not about gaining anything, it’s about undoing the learning that isn’t useful and got stuck: straightening out the eddy currents in the ocean stream.

It isn’t a serious undertaking so much as an undermining of seriousness persons by serious and unserious means.

It isn’t about love (finding or feeling or having) so much as seeing what you are: infinite and ungraspable Love.

It isn’t about changing anything, it’s about finding what’s changeless.

It’s not about peeling away layers to uncover a true self, it’s about realizing the layers and the self are not what you thought they were.

It’s not about living a better movie, it’s finding that the screen and the projector were you all along.

It’s not about the importance of anything (experienced or unexperienced) it’s about the non-importance of anything you can think about.

It’s not about finding a balance, it’s about losing balance on your perch and finding your wings flying free.

It’s not about togetherness or community, it’s standing alone in the family of the Unknown.

It’s not *about* anything, it’s no-thing writing this and reading this now.

It’s not about aboutness.

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