Truth is a Striptease Artist

The more she undresses, the more your desire increases…

for the bliss, the surrender, the melancholy to go away and leave you alone, with *her*, the Absolute…

the naked oneness, raw and direct. Pure Beauty & truth in all her glory, teasing you onto Love.

And just when you think you’re free of her, back safely in the ego, business as usual, selfishly striving, she pops up again – or out again – blazing away, laughing at you, as you laugh with her, for being such a fool for thinking you could leave her. Hahaha. No such luck, Padre. She’s got you by the short and curlies. For good. Admit it.

No going back now dude. Ever. The old mistress, the comfort of non-action, the doldrums of desire and fear, are seen as the shallow tarts they were, forever unsatisfying, as fake as the lipstick on their busy mouths. Their noise fades into the distance, as the winds of a new kind of desire fill your sails. The sails of Freedom with a capital fucking “F”.

You want her with all your soul, but something was holding you back. What did you think you’d lose?

“Let me get this straight…” she says, smiling in that knowing way. You know you’re cooked.
“… you don’t want to give up your misery, your anger, your remaining fear, suspicions, your doubts, your overthinking, agitation and seeking for a future that never comes, and hold on to this precious self you think you are, because it’s who you think you are.”

“Um, well, kind of. I mean, I’d like to change, give up all that, but not at the expense of giving up what I am, this body and mind and collection of memories and creative ideas. And stuff.”

“Are you happy?”

“Uh… no. Not totally. But, like, it’s comfortable, familiar, it works, it gets me from point A to point B, this old vehicle… I, I, I guess I’m sort of in love with it, this being a person”, I said sheepishly. “This world. You know, it’s kind of cool.”

“I see. Now we get down to brass tacks. I have competition. You’re serving that slut while wanting me, is that it?”

“That ‘slut’ got me to where I am today.”

“Master of your domain?”

“Haha. Not exactly. But maintaining.”

“That’s the first true thing you’ve said today.
Let’s start over and see what you want. What you really want. Now tell me honestly. What do you really want – what will make you permanently happy, such that you could want for Nothing? Go for it. Bare your soul my dear.”

I sat and pondered. Cornered. No way to go but up, no way out, no way back except down.

“Sigh. OK I give up. You win. You can have me.” Of course, once again she saw right through my games…

“Not so quick. All I’m hearing is giving up, resignation. This isn’t about that. You’re still going along with your stupid.”

“My stupid? My stupid what?”

“Yes, your stupid what!”

“I’m lost.”

“Exactly! And you’ll remain lost until the final hour.”

“Jesus. The final hour… that sounds so …final.”

“When you finally see you’re not what you thought you were. When time stops, since it never began. When I come into your heart and out of your head, and fulfill your wildest fantasies. Actually I was kidding about that last part. But you can have whatever you want. Because you never lost it. You only thought you lost it. The head gives up trying to control things, because it realizes it never could, never was, and never will be anything but a mirage, egging you on to endless illusions that tempt to happiness but never live up to the promise. There’s no end to suffering until you end it. You end it by coming with me.”

“Where are you taking me?”

“The Promised Land. Also called the ‘Unknown’. Poorly named by the way, because it contains all knowledge. It just didn’t fit the expectations of visitors and residents, so they stuck that sign on it. The permanent resident, of which there is only one, couldn’t care less what it’s called, so leaves the naming alone.”

“How will I know when I’m there?”

“By three signs: the fruit, the great vistas, and the lack of any others living there. It’s very peaceful.”

“Sounds lonely.”

“Au contraire. The entire universe is your eternal friend.”

“Sigh. OK, I’m sold. Sounds better than this tiny shack I’m inhabiting. It was getting cramped, what with all my possessions, pet habits, objects of fear and desire wrapped up in grief and sadness, tiredness and irritability. I’ll let go as soon as… ”

“As you get permission? Approval? Get a sign from the universe?”

“… Uh, well, I guess I don’t need any of that shit.”

“Wiser words were never said” she said, smiling, teasingly, as she started to remove her dressing gown… “Come with me… I have a surprise for you…”

I followed her to another room. At the same time she dropped her gown, she disappeared into nothing, and the room revealed itself to be an infinite one full of light and eternity… as I forgot my self, a bliss and beauty beyond compare surprising in its absolute completeness and certainty permeated all the spaceless timelessness of what could only be called this all-encompassing “presence”… like, totally.

Love and Freedom Cannot Be Separated


Freedom and love can’t be separated. 

By “freedom” is meant true inner freedom, and by “love” is meant impersonal love, the nondual living truth, not human love. 

A lack of love and freedom is experienced as darkness, pain and suffering. 

But if love and freedom is who are, then how can there be a lack?

In fact there can’t be a lack, but there can be a perceived lack. 

Why is there a perceived lack? Because who we are is obscured by what we are not. 

What we are not can be characterized in various ways: as something learned, as a movement of thought, as a forgetting one is caught in a dream, as an effort. 

If what we are is effortless freedom, how can there be effort? It doesn’t seem possible for a being so powerful, so limitless, to be able to make an effort and be limited. How can it fool itself? Well, in order to create a world, a universe, a perception, there has to be a difference somewhere. There has to be a somewhere, and and if there’s a somewhere, then there is space, a here and a there. And if there is a here and a there, then there is movement. If there is movement, there is something perceiving movement, and change, and therefore the possibility of time. 

So we have a world and some kind of being in time and space, perceiving and moving about. In this world of differences, you have bright and dim, awake and asleep, good and bad, easy and hard, effortless and effortful. In other words, in our case we are experiencing what is presumed to be a person, a human being. The human being is thinking, perceiving, deciding, willing, acting doing,  having things happen to them, and so forth. 

But wait, back up. Who is experiencing a human being? A person can’t be experiencing a person, or they would be two beings: an experiencer and an experienced.
Something is going on here: more than meets the eye. 

So what do I know?

I know there is awareness, and it’s hearing sounds we call “words” in an “inner” space where other sounds appear, and I see and have the sensations of hands typing them, and the visual perception of hands and fingers moving. There are also sounds “in my head” we’ve learned to call “thoughts”. And there are also sounds that seem to come from “out there” that we call “noise’ or “music” or “speech”, but are actually experienced in the same inner space as the “thoughts” sounds when I really am honest. And there are also images and sounds we call “memories” that are “thoughts” that are repeated. They are associated with images from what we call the “past” but are experienced now.

Where are the boundaries to these perceptions? That is to be investigated, first-hand.

In the meantime, the presumption of a self can be examined on it’s own.

From these raw facts of first-hand experience outlined above, various false inferences are made.
First let’s look at examples of true and false inferences, so we are clear what is meant.

Valid inference:
You see many examples of fire, and smoke happening together, and never smoke without fire, and you infer, “where there is smoke, there is fire”.

Invalid inference:
Someone told you in childhood that smoke is caused by the Goddess Prahali from Venus, and you infer, “Where there is smoke, there is Prahali in action”.

The false inference in question is: “Where there are perceptions happening, or thoughts, or decisions, or choices, or actions taken, there is a separate self responsible, a thing, a doer of the actions, a willer of the choices, a person”. That perceiver, thinking, decider, chooser, will-er is the god we call my “self” or “me” or “I” (in the personal sense).

Love without Freedom playing out in the world is rules, religion, conforming and following…

Freedom without Love is endless seeking, wildness, chaos, instability and lostness…

True freedom is like a child running and laughing in the sheer joy of being alive, in love with Life, just Being. 

In maturity true freedom expresses as knowing one’s own nature, which is the same as love:  being aware of Being, nameless and formless. 

Love and Freedom married, lead one’s world into a self-perfecting life, ever-evolving, and
growing anew: infinite potential manifesting, the form and the formless dancing in celebreation of peace, love and beauty.

However, they were never separate to begin with…