The (Human) Shituation: Yes We’re Messed Up. But So What

This posting was inspired by a very long thread about dog poop, in my (soon to be old) neighborhood, via (“please shame those who don’t clean up after their pets“). For one thing, I perceive a metaphor with, er, uh, shit, and human habits of thinking, what we learn, the negative habits of thinking from family, friends, media, the culture….
Not to mention that poop is the basis of organic fertilizer, food for beautiful sunflowers…

I’ve published the last part of the dialogue below. You can read the entire thread here:

(Eric)I’m going to have to pass the baton of organizing the Poop Posse to someone else (good at community organizing ideally!). Between running my business and life solo, 2 “urban farms”, writing, moving, etc., I don’t have the bandwidth for it. But I love this neighborhood, and so want to point you in the right direction – not that I know anything! These are just what occurred to me, Do something positive and simple that comes naturally without effort (it does take energy though) – this all just popped into my head, reading and writing responding to posts here, on a lark as it were. Roughly the ideas are to: Meet once a week at a coffeeshop to organize, and plan a route then go walk around and see and do (no doodoo).
• Walk the neighborhood and pick up poop.
• Design, print & post signs
• Place and stock bag holders in public places.
• hand out fliers (about the PP and making the neighborhood beautiful – something INSPIRING (maybe mention city ordinance at the bottom or somewhere)
• Post notices about the PP.
• Hand out bags to dog walkers if they want them.
• Spot blatant poopitrators and say hi, give them a flier. They know they are doing something wrong usually
• Public relations: publish articles and talk to public officials and media like TV news stations that like stories about local things, about the PP.
•Design and sell PP t-shirts
•Post to social media
•Have fun and laugh
•(Other agenda ideas welcome) All of this serves to raise consciousness and change thinking and improve neighborhoods (Look how South Park used to be Crack Ghetto before neighbors took action and slowly but surely turned things around). It’s called “community” – it works as a whole fabric, from the inside-out. The mind is the lever that moves the world. 🙂 Don’t take it too seriously, it’s all joke in the grand scheme of things it’s not against anyone or anything, it’s about ability to respond (not react) = response-ability, doing one’s best in the moment.

(Rick) Awww, Eric, you’re pooping out on us already?!! Well, sh*t!! The most important bullet point is your last: •Have fun and laugh …and don’t forget your poop bags, the PP has a vigilante dark side when pooped from their community activist role…or is that ‘roll’, as in bags?

(Eric) Rick- Good one! Or two. Yeah sorry, am getting organized to move to North County. But maybe I’m giving back to this community a little by writing. Just can’t see starting a big new project. A crappy situation is compost for a better one though. And I can be a “consultant”. No shit! And yes we should all stay on the sunny side of the street as we roll out and roam them, armed and dangerous with a smile as one’s weapon of choice…and bad humor too. 🙂

(Rick) Not sure if North County is ready for you, Eric, but I think Golden Hill will miss a forward thinker tempered with a good dose of humor. Glad I had the chance to volley back and forth with you. Now get your shit organized for the move. And keep it off the sidewalks and lawns. Good luck to you. 👍

(Eric) Thanks Rick. “Forward thinker”, hmm – going to put that in my work profile! NC may not be ready for me but here I came ready or not. I work in Encinitas now mostly so I won’t miss waiting until traffic dies down at 7:30PM to come home, then having to park 4 blocks away, and my nerves sandpapered by airplane traffic when I venture outside. A little suburban peace and nature and ocean breeze will be a respite for body and mind. But I’ll be back down to visit friends and community garden, and check on the poop shituation (<– did you catch the spelling there?).

(Rick) yeah, yeah, shituation….if you have to point out the joke, it probably wasn’t that funny. 💩lol Be sure to attribute the ‘forward thinker’ in your work profile to me. It will get you to places and open opportunities that you haven even dreamed of yet. You’ll have a shitload of them….(rim shot) And I’m surprised that such a ‘Forward thinker’ (OK, maybe creative mind – or just plain messed up…) isn’t championing the current swell of thinking that you could just use public transit to commute, and give up that pollutant belching car. The public transit bus to Encinitas won’t wait until traffic dies down, you could sit back and relax while it crawls along with the other pollution belchers who haven’t gotten the message yet. Or you can bike or walk to work.. Maybe that’s you plan in Encinitas, parking problem solved, But I digress, Not meaning to hijack the thread. This is a subject for another ND conversation to see if we can top the poopularity of 125+ comments about dog fecal issues. Have fun up north!

(Eric)  Yes we’ve hijacked the thread which is a shitty thing to do. Readers interested in the Fricking Feces Fracas please skip ahead. (Rick you can PM me or start a thread about public transport, commuting, crappy humor, whatever). Public transit would be nice but I’d still have to get down to the train station. Also I schlepp a lot of stuff to work so a car helps. And most importantly I go to Temecula a lot and where I’m moving is halfway between the two places. In any case all that carbon dioxide is helping the plants and trees grow. Finally, I feel a crappy joke is better than no joke at all. And I consult on usability and do copywriting and know people read fast and their brains fill in the gaps such that they don’t see merde out of place. P.S. “forward thinker, creative mind, messed up…” all apply…

(Eric)The sentiment is appreciated though Rick and I’ll see if I can stay physically and socially involved somehow. I have to keep busy with creative projects or I start chasing my tail, pulling my feathers out and crapping on the lawn.

(Eric)   One final remark Rick, as far as being messed up: It’s *all* thinking! Yes I know some of my thinking is “messed up” – but that’s being human – do you know of anyone who isn’t, who doesn’t have some poop they are dealing with? To the issue at hand, the difference with me perhaps, toa o degree, is I know the dog poop problem is just reflection of the thinking about it, both how it is judged, perceived, felt, reacted to, caused, and solved.
In general, who doesn’t have some messed up thinking, and therefore decisions and behavior? Maybe a self-realized sage or two, and that’s it. The difference here is that I’m fairy honest, open. More or less. As best I can. Yes I shit now and then, but so what, I enjoy life. That’s what counts. It’s what you learn from society (family, school, friends, church, media) that messes up your thinking, and is what you need to uncoil and see through. You meet many people who are pretending they are not messed up in some way, and it’s a pretense. But they make a big deal out of their little messed-up-ness to their therapist or maybe partner or friends. Ego again: “I’m so special”. Notice how many celebrities are on drugs or commit suicide? They appear amazing on the outside, but on the inside they are miserable, crazy, desperate for love, phony. Whereas I find potential joy everywhere, even in the song of a mockingbird, a friendly dog (who sometimes poops or bark), a happy baby who waves at me, a clerk I joke with, or the smile of a “stranger”. It’s not strange to me. Happiness is simple. Even though my mind is complicated. 🙂 OK enough about “me”…that was waay to long. hijacked again…

This video with JP Sears I listened too last night turned out to be relevant, by coincidence. They talk abou their shit and not bneing shitty to others: