Beware of the Spiritual Path: It’s Not About *You*

The “spiritual path”, is not about feeling good all the time, while you are on it, because it’s about seeing oneself from a true and honest perspective, which can be shocking or not comfortable… and it’s not even about changing something or fixing something, it’s about surrendering who you are, or rather think you are.
I don’t think people know what they are getting into. You get deep into it and you realized you’re on a ticket with no return trip except to go back to your old self – in other words stay stuck on the old flight or jump out the door! Then why do it? For the ego, there is no thing to be gained. There’s nothing in it for the me. Unless you want to gain a spiritual ego. Pride. Pretension. Pretending. That’s a dead end too. A cul de sac, leading to the same: ups and downs, happy/not happy, problems, solutions, setbacks, progress, delusion, enlightening moments, pain, pleasure… duality in other words.
See someone, or meet someone you don’t like, or some situation that irritates you, or makes you angry? Guess what, they are you, and it is you. They are literally you, projected form your mind, reflecting what you don’t want to see. The plank in your eye, as it says somewhere in the Bible… And that situation is you: you give everything all the meaning it has. That is an absolutely comprehensive statement. Sorry for the bad news! But it’s good news in reality. All is well and unfolding as it should.

The body is involved too. It’s not just the mind that is in the spotlight. If you were living from the mind, and that starts letting go, the body gets involved, in the play of life.
I’m just starting to see what that is about …

The good news is that, at some point, someone can swap out the old “Life’s a Bitch, Then You Die” bumper sticker with, “LIFE IS FUN AND YOU NEVER DIE”.